All Star Competition Teams
Think you have what it takes?

Tryouts are held once a year and students are placed based on age and skill level.
Teams begin practices in June, travel to Regional as well as National competitions
from October though March and participate in our
Annual Cheer Showcase in April.

Each team requires a minimum of 1 hour of tumbling
in addition to regular practice time.

Dance, Toning & Conditioning classes are also available
at a discounted rate to help students perfect their desired skills. 

Questions? Contact:
Cheer Director, Trista J Bellotti

Youth Surge
Ages 11 & Under

Youth Lightning
Ages 11 & Under

Junior Heat
Ages 14 & Under

Senior Electric
Ages 18 & Under

Performance Team

Designed for students who would like to perform and learn cheer and tumbling basics
without the full time commitment of a competition team.

Students meet once a week and are invited to perform in our
Annual Cheer Showcase as well as Local Performances.

Youth Energy
Thursdays 6:45-8:15pm
Ages 4.5 & Up
*New Students Accepted Only Until November 1st*

Technique Classes
Classes meet once a week and are designed to enhance
core skills, strength & flexibility

Flight Training
Strength, Flexibility, Balance & Technique for Flyers
Sundays 1:00-2:00pm

Strength & Flexibility
Works to Strengthen and Tone Muscles,
While Increasing Flexibility, Agility and Grace

Special Needs Team

This team encourages movement, teaches teamwork and promotes confidence
in a positive environment that allow students with special needs
to stimulate their social and motor skills.

Cheer Team members practice for one hour, once a week to learn basic tumbling
and cheerleading skills and are also invited to participate in competitions
at both the Regional and National Level.

Fridays 6:00-7:00pm
All Ages - Youth through Adult
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